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Call For Papers: From defeating the enemy to creating order? / Gothenburg University, Sweden / September 25-26 2012


gothenburgFrom defeating the enemy to creating order? Exploring military-police assemblages in Western interventionism - Gothenburg University, Sweden - September 25-26 2012.

Contemporary, large-scale, international interventions in the ‘global South’ combine military, civilian and humanitarian aims, means, and methods. This development has led to them being variously described as ‘humanitarian intervention’, ‘peace-building’, ‘stabilisation’ or even ‘counterinsurgency’ operations.

While the level of coordination between civilian and military actors has increased in the last two decades, it has been suggested that the intermingling of military and civilian international activity in Iraq and Afghanistan has effectively dissolved any meaningful distinction between civilian and military engagement.

A promising way of investigating the blurring line between humanitarian/civilian and military forms of engagement is found in the concept of ‘policing’, understood as regulating practices that aim at the good administration of the social realm. We invite papers that engage with the concept of ‘policing’ as a common entry point to analyse ideas on social ordering in contemporary interventions in hybrid situations that defy an easy dichotomy between war and peace. The main objective of the workshop is, thus, to investigate the utility of the concept of policing as an ordering principle for the analysis of international intervention. This involves critically examining the aims, means and methods of international large-scale intervention with equal attention to the discourses, epistemologies and materialities involved.

Prospective participants are invited to address questions such as:

·  What are the defining logics of contemporary war and peace?

·  What insights can be gleaned from the characterization of contemporary war as ‘policing’?

·  What does of the concept of ‘policing’ as social ordering offer to our understanding of contemporary dynamics of North-South relations in global politics?

·  How should the use of the military be understood in the wider politics of humanitarian and development assistance?

·  Which normative ideas of a ‘good order’ in societies of the global South facilitate the construction of large-scale international intervention?

Abstracts of 250 words (max.) should be submitted to Jan Bachmann  Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo. , Colleen Bell ( Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo. ) and Caroline Holmqvist-Jonsater (caroline. Este endereço de e-mail está protegido contra spambots. Você deve habilitar o JavaScript para visualizá-lo. ) The deadline for abstracts is July 30th 2012.



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